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GNDT EXPO 2021 Re Registration (1)

As we try to launch a virtual GNDT Expo for the first time this year like other conferences, for administrative and logistical reasons confounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re having to delay this digital conference from February 16 to March 1st, 2021. We truly appreciate your understanding.
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Time & Location

25 Mar, 22:27 GMT+4 – 30 Apr, 02:27 GMT+4

About The Event

The Global Nondestructive Testing Virtual Expo 2021 FREE TO ATTEND with certification for attendence, The Event has been a great sucess and now you can continue to view the booths and virtual conference for a further 1 month. 

The event has been Organised to connect people within the industry in order to promote the best technologies of the business on a global scale. 

Allowing visitors to interact with virtual displays, speak online to live staff and watch the latest presentations on selected catagories within the industry. We will also have some guest speakers to enthuse and inspire throughout the day. 

The virtual expo will be hosted on a GNDT Expo landing page that will be advertised to our data base - including the attendees of GNDT 2018, GNDT global community groups and NDT associations, NDT social media forums & through press coverage via our media partners One Stop NDT

On entering the GNDT Expo Virtual website guests will be met with a registration page that they must complete in order to enter the VR world on the day. A visitor will see all the logos of the exhibitors located in the halls. Should a visitors click your logo on the 3D wall they will be transported into the 3D room containing your stand. There they will have access to all the user tools mentioned in the help videos at reception via clickable icon’s.


The potential for 3D Tech to be part of a hybrid strategy for the future and / or to have a 24/7 accessible 3D environments to engage people with your products and services is truly the direction the modern customer is heading. We understand a face to face will never be fully replaced but a virtual world can be an amazing user tool that is in place for people, until your next meeting.

As we try to launch a virtual GNDT Expo for the first time this year like other conferences, for administrative and logistical reasons confounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re having to delay this digital conference from February 16 to March 1st, 2021.We truly appreciate your patience and support these last chaotic months resulting from this pandemic. 

We deeply regret any inconvenience caused by the change of date, but we want to ensure that this first virtual event is launched as successfully as possible at the cost of a short three-week delay. We welcome your continued interest and participation in GNDT Expo 2021 Virtual and look forward to seeing you all online on March 01, 2021.

Helpful Hall Navigation Tools 

      1 Main Public Areas Explainer video is located on the left side of the main hall.       2 You will notice 2 help screens. One at reception showing the Exhibition Stand explainer video. This will help you to Navigate any booth with ease.        3 The second as emntioned above is the main areas Navigation video.        4 To visit an exhibitors booth simply click the company of choice from the logos situated on the walls behind the reception desk.        5 On clicking the Logo you will be transported to the clients exhibition stand that contains information about their products and services.        6 To exit back to the main hall simply click the exit sign located in each hall.        7 To view other exhibits make a 360 turn and you will see 2 blue arrows behind you, at the way out.        8 The arrows show you on mouse or trackpad hover, where they lead too.        09 To goto the conference click any sign or arrow saying confernece hall. On arrival in the conference Hall you will notice the main screen.       10 The screen will only play the conference speaker listed at the correct time his speech is scheduled. Click the speakers presentation at the right time to view that speaker.        11 The icons below show you the speaker timings and there is a schedule of events posted on the left wall as you enter.        12 During the day if a zoom type link appears on the screen this means a live broadcast is running to give you help information and NDT updates from the moderators.        13 By clicking the link you will be invited to take part in the live broadcast.        14 After clicking the link will ask you for your name and company details to check you are a registered viewer.        15  Once inputted you will be in a group conference call where you may chat to all via a chat box function.        18 Remember to be courteous to your speakers and fellow guests. The UAE has rules on appropriate online behavior.        19 The Q and A session will take part after the speakers have delivered their presentations. Again via a link on the screen.        20 At the Q and A you can post your question to any of the speakers that will be on the screen live, via the chat box.        21 You can also ask a question face to face question by requesting, (I would like a face to face question my question is ------to ----------- and if the panel decide we will open your camera and mic to ask the question.       22 Due to time constraints Limited camera openings will happen.        23 After the conference and Q and A has finished you can still post questions in the message box in each room located at the top of each screen.        24 Speakers will attempt to reply to all.

    25 Enjoy the event. 

Registration is Closed

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